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Terms & Conditions

Knowledge Mappers Copyright License & Conditions of Use


1. Definition of Terms

'Knowledge Mappers' - Knowledge Mappers Ltd., a company established in 2005 and registered in Scotland, United Kingdom (company number SC278136). They own and operate the website

'Licensor' - Knowledge Mappers Ltd.

'Licensee' - Any individual / organisation that purchases and / or downloads an 'original map' from Knowledge Mappers.

'Knowledge Map' - Files that summarise particular subjects in digital mind map form originally created using dedicated mindmapping software such as Mindjet MindManager. They ae in a variety of file formats, including, but not restricted to, Mindjet MindManager (.mmap) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) formats.

'Original Map' - Knowledge map file as first supplied to the 'licensee' by Knowledge Mappers, usually by download from the website.

'Derived Map' - Knowledge map file created by the 'licensee' using in whole or in part one or more 'original maps'.

'Adobe Acrobat / PDF Map' - 'Knowledge map' in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file format. These maps can be opened using the free and freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader software but crucially not dedicated information mapping software, such as Mindjet MindManager.

'Publication Date' - Date of publication of a map, usually expressed as a Month & Year, although it may be a specific date. This is the same as when the map is originally created from source, but due to size and complexity of many of our maps they are necessarily created over a period of time rather than on a single day.



2. Duration of Licence

2.1 This license is effective until terminated:-

  • by the Licensee by destroying all original and derived maps.
  • by Knowledge Mappers Ltd. for infringement of the License by the Licensee.


2.2 Upon termination, the Licensee must destroy all copies of knowledge maps supplied by Knowledge mappers ('original maps') , and any other files derived from them (derived maps'), and cease and desist from any further use of them.



3. Copyright

3.1 Intellectual copyright of our knowledge maps ("original maps"), and the relevant parts of any applications in which they are subsequently incorporated ("derived maps"), remains with Knowledge Mappers Ltd and its licensors at all times.



4. What This License Allows Licensees To Do

4.1 Users may:-

  • place maps on their local computer network.
  • copy maps any number of times, in whole or in part.
  • incorporate maps, in whole or in part, into other knowledge maps and applications.

Provided that:-

  • It is for personal use by the license holder if they are a private individual.
  • It is for the internal use of the licensee organisation.

Note the organisation must own the correct number of licenses for all the users who have access to the maps (see 7.2 & 7.3).


4.2 Users must contact Knowledge Mappers Ltd. in writing for permission to use the Maps for any other purpose. Permission, if granted, will involve additional copyright royalties set by Knowledge Mappers Ltd. and be dependant on the proposed activity.



5. What This License Does Not Allow Licensees To Do

5.1 All knowledge maps, 'original' and 'derived' may not be lent, rented, subleased, redistributed, repackaged, incorporated into other applications, resold, or otherwise transferred in whole or in part, without the express written permission of Knowledge Mappers Ltd.


5.2 All knowledge maps, 'original' and 'derived', must not be stored in such a way that any of the activities listed above in 5.1 can be carried by non-licencees, or a greater number of users than the licensee has purchased licenses for. Examples of such non-permitted behaviour include:-

  • placing maps on an "always publicly accessible" file sharing website such as
  • placing maps on a collaborative, online map sharing platform such as and making them available to all other users. Availability must be restricted to known collaborators who must be made aware of the licensing restrictions. 
  • placing maps on a local / wide are computer network in such a way that they can be accessed by a greater number of users than the licensee has purchased licenses for.


5.3 The exception to 5.1 and 5.2 are knowledge maps, 'original' and 'derived', in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format ('Adobe Acrobat / PDF Maps'). These may be shared with non-licensees as they cannot be "reverse engineered" to recreate the map in it's original mindmapping software file format, however:-

  • in the case of 'original maps' the original Knowledge Mappers copyright acknowledgement statement must not have been removed from the map.
  • in the case of 'derived maps' the following copyright statement must be included
    "Map based in whole or in part on material originally published and licensed by Knowledge Mappers Ltd. ( Restrictions apply."



6. Obligations of Knowledge Mappers Ltd ('Licensor').

6.1 Knowledge Mappers Ltd. has taken all due reasonable care and attention in compiling it's knowledge map products.


6.2 Knowledge maps have been compiled using information obtained from named, and as far as possible definitive, sources on the world wide web. Where possible, the link to the specific web page is given in the relevant parts of the map, however:-

6.2.1 The addresses (url's) of web pages do change from time to time so Knowledge Mappers Ltd. cannot guarantee that all hyperlinks contained in it's maps will be unbroken. If broken links are encountered, users are asked to report them to, who will endeavour to incorporate any corrections in any subsequent edition of the map. In the meanwhile of course there is nothing to prevent  users updating the links on their own copy of the map.

6.2.2 Knowledge Mappers Ltd. accepts no liability for the content or accuracy of the web pages linked to.

6.2.3 Maps are only pointers, copyright of any website content remains with the authors.


6.3 Unless specifically designated otherwise, knowledge maps are sold on a one off, "as is" basis.

6.3.1 Map information is valid on the Map 'Publication Date'. As it depends on the subject matter how quickly and to what extent this information "goes out of date", it is up to the User to decide to what extent this affects the suitability of the map for their purposes.

6.3.2 Knowledge Mappers do not guarantee that they will update the map in the future, however Users can contact Knowledge Mappers to request that a map be updated.


6.4 All maps will be delivered to the customer by electronic means according to the current advertised practice.


6.5 Unless otherwise indicated, maps are not produced in association with, or are official publications of, any of the organisations / institutions which they describe.



7. Obligations Of The Knowledge Map User ('Licensee')

7.1 In order to view Knowledge Mappers maps, users require the appropriate software to be installed on their computer. In the case of 'Adobe Acrobat / PDF Maps' this is the free and widely available Adobe Acrobat Reader software from Files in other formats require the appropriate software, which will probably require a paid licence. Further information on appropriate knowledge map software can be found on the About The Software page of the knowledge mappers website. 


7.2 The person signing this licensing agreement must:-

7.2.1 Have the authority to do so if signing on behalf of their organisation.

7.2.2 Correctly identify the right number of users ('Licensees') for licensing & payment purposes:-

  • If Licensee is a business or commercial entity or government agency, the number of users will be the same as the number of employees that have access to the map (see paragraph 5.2)..
  • For qualifying educational institutions, "Users" also means faculty and staff teaching for, or employed by, Licensee and registered students enrolled at a single campus operated by Licensee.


7.3 Licensee must only allow the specified number of Users to use the maps,or any other files derived from them, as indicated as "Quantity" or "Number of Licences" on the invoice, quotation or electronic confirmation issued by Knowledge Mappers.


7.4 It is the duty of the User to supply the correct contact details at the time of sale to ensure that Maps can be supplied and the transaction completed.



8. Limited warranty

8.1 Users can return our maps within 30 days of purchase if unsatisfied for any reason and they will be given a full refund. If doing so, users must ensure that they destroy all copies of the map, and any other files derived from them.


8.2 Whilst we take as much due care and attention in the creation of our knowledge maps, Knowledge Mappers Ltd. do not give any guarantee that :-

8.2.1 Our knowledge maps are

  • suitable for Users purposes.
  • free of all errors or ommissions.

8.2.2 Our website,, is error free or will always be working.



9. Extent of liability

9.1 Users are urged to check our knowledge maps are suitable for their own purposes as well as being compatible with their own systems before fully incorporating them in their work practises.


9.2 Knowledge Mappers Ltd. entire liability to the User in the event of a breach by Knowledge Mappers Ltd. of their warranty or of any other breach of this Agreement shall be to refund the one off transaction cost or ongoing subscription fee paid by the User.


9.3 In any extent under no circumstances will Knowledge Mappers Ltd. be liable for damages whether for loss of profits, loss of business or of anticipated savings, loss of goodwill, loss of reputation, loss or corruption of data (whether of the Licensed Material or of other data and whether caused by processing or transmission of it), or for any other type of special indirect incidental or consequential loss or damage.



10. Governing law and jurisdiction

10.1 The terms and conditions of this Licence are governed by Scots law and the Scottish courts shall have jurisdiction.