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MindManager Applications

As you have no doubt worked out by now, we think MindManager should be the "the tool of first resort" for anybody working with digital information. Here is a list of application areas that show you why, along with associated Instructional videos, recorded webinars and customer use cases that show you how!

Note - Due to the large number of embedded YouTube videos, this page may take a wee while to load. Please be patient :-)


MindManager For General Business Processes

MindManager For Knowledge Management

MindManager For Enterprise Collaboration

MindManager For Brainstorming & Planning

MindManager For Desktop Research

MindManager For Events & Meetings

MindManager For Projects

MindManager For Agile

MindManager For Product Development

MindManager For Sales & Marketing

MindManager For Human Resources

MindManager For Professional Services & Consulting


MindManager For General Business Processes


Improve analysis, communication and decision-making with MindManager mind maps. Business process mapping helps you build and review strategic plans, business cases, and sales account plans in a single view:-

  • Get Started Faster - Built-in map templates and topics allow you to instantly create the outline for your analysis. Incorporate research using the embedded browser and built-in web search capabilities.

  • Validate Forecasts - MindManager’s visual budgeting tools encourage participation in “what-if” analyses.  Calculations are displayed instantly, in a format that’s much easier to grasp than a spreadsheet.

  • Present Your Analysis - Use MindManager’s analysis feature to create 2×2 matrix views of the information in your mind map. Pre-built views include SWOT, Boston Matrix, Risk vs. Reward, and more.

  • Review Account Plans - Create and update your sales account plans in mind maps to clearly lay out what you know about each account. Accelerate the management review process by showing annotated org charts, opportunity and risk analyses, and next step action plans—all in a single view..

5 Simple Ways To Be More Organised At Work In 2016
- Recorded Webinar [1:03:33] (English)

Self-Organisation - How To Get Organised At Work And Manage Interruptions 
 - Recorded Webinar [42:57] (English)

Strategic Business Planning - Success Can Be Planned
 - Recorded Webinar [1:02:14] (English)

5 Tips To Maximise Your Productivity On Your Return From Holidays 
 - Recorded Webinar [44:35] (English)

Problem Solving And Decision Making With MindManager 
- Recorded Webinar [38:00] (English)

MindManager Basics: Budgeting and Forecasting Tools
- Video [2:17] (English)



MindManager For Knowledge Management


MindManager is the ideal digital tool for capturing, recording, organising, managing and sharing your organisations knowledge with those that need to know.

Company Asset "Knowledge and Information" Part 1 - Knowledge Maps / Knowledge Centres 
- Recorded Webinar [54:30] (English)

Company Asset Knowledge and Information 2 - Technical Documentation 
- Recorded Webinar [59:25] (English)

Process Documentation 
- Recorded Webinar [40:10] (English)

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MindManager For Enterprise Collaboration


MindManager Enterprise offers powerful capabilities for coordinating projects and sharing knowledge across the organization. It combines Mindjet’s leadership mind mapping and visual planning tools with patented data integration features, as well as flexible communication options. MindManager Enterprise customers are eligible for special software licensing and service programs. MindManager Enterprise 2016.1 is now available, with even more new capabilities!:-

  • A Smarter Way for Teams to Collaborate - Brainstorming, organizing information, sharing knowledge, and planning projects with mind maps increases clarity and understanding. With MindManager Enterprise, sharing options include viewing/editing within Microsoft® SharePoint® and exporting to Microsoft Office and Project. The new MindManager Reader for Windows, available exclusively for MindManager Enterprise 2016 customers, enables anyone in the organization to view and interact with maps created by MindManager Enterprise users.

  • Working with Corporate Data - Finding and utilizing information in corporate repositories can be challenging. MindManager Enterprise enables users to search for and retrieve relevant information directly from SharePoint and then work with it in a visual format that aids analysis. Content search, filtering, and indexing features make it easier to work with large amounts of information.Updates can be sync’d between MindManager Enterprise and SharePoint.

  • Enhanced SharePoint Task Synchronization - The new 2016.1 release improves task and resource synchronization between MindManager Enterprise and Microsoft SharePoint, enabling greater project management efficiency. Using the MindManager Enterprise 2016.1 Windows desktop software, resources can be selected from specified Microsoft SharePoint sites, simplifying task creation and eliminating resource assignment errors. SharePoint integration from within MindManager Enterprise 2016 for Windows allows users to query and sync information with SharePoint.  This capability, which is available only within MindManager Enterprise, now includes the ability to link to Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online.

  • Visual Project Management - Create detailed project mind maps showing assignments and due dates in MindManager Enterprise for Windows, share project maps to gain feedback and ensure alignment, then take advantage of SharePoint task management to coordinate project implementation.

  • Knowledge Management - Use MindManager Enterprise to create information maps that consolidate files stored across SharePoint sites, other content repositories, and on the web. Organizing information by project, department or topic makes it easy for people to quickly find the information they need. The new MindManager Reader for Windows, available to customers with MindManager Enterprise 2016, will enables easy sharing of “knowledge maps”.

  • Integration With Over 500 Apps - MindManager Enterprise Windows desktop software can now export information to over 500 leading cloud-based applications for task management, agile software development, communication, and business productivity through Zapier, a third-party service that provides a simple web interface to transfer data between applications.

  • MindManager Reader For Better Map Sharing - The new MindManager Reader, available only to organizations with MindManager Enterprise 2016 (with active MSA), makes it much easier to communicate and collaborate using maps.  It enables Windows users who do not have a MindManager license to interact in a meaningful way with maps shared by MindManager Enterprise users. With the MindManager Reader, a Windows user can:  view all mapping objects, including new flowchart diagrams; use search, filters, and index to locate information; print maps and Gantt charts; and view walkthroughs. Maps can either be opened locally or in Mindjet files (for organizations using Mindjet for Business or ProjectDirector).

How To Use MindManager Enterprise
- Video [3:04] (English)

Using MindManager Enterprise With SharePoint
- Video [3:53] (English)

Mindjet & Education Development Center (EDC) / SharePoint
- Video [1:55] (English)

Collaborative Mapping - An Intro To MindManager Enterprise 
- Recorded Webinar [26:06] (English)

Intro To MindManager Enterprise - Using MindManager Effectively In Teams 
- Recorded Webinar [29:26] (English)

Microsoft SharePoint Linker - How Can It Help You?
- Recorded Webinar [33:04] (English)



MindManager For Brainstorming & Planning


MindManager maps are like virtual whiteboards that promote more creative thinking. Brainstorming sessions with MindManager are more productive because you can focus on gathering great ideas, and just drag-and-drop to create an organized plan. Quickly build on your ideas then assign tasks, establish priorities, and insert documents and links with just a click:-

  • Think Visually with Mind Maps - Mind Mapping enables you to visually capture ideas in brainstorming sessions, then organize and prioritize them in a relevant way that boosts understanding. You start with a central theme, and then add branches with different ideas, notes, attachments, links, and images to enhance your concepts and ideas.

  • Set Priorities and Take Action - Prioritize your work and add action items right into the mind map, then assign tasks and timeframes to make your maps become live project dashboards where you can track progress against your deadlines.

  • MindManagaer Maps are Easier than Spreadsheets - Better than spreadsheets or lists, MindManager maps are interactive diagrams that let everyone see the big picture while keeping the details in context. Drag-and-drop editing makes it easy to re-organize ideas by topic or quickly change direction.

  • MindManager Inspires Innovation - Use the Guided Brainstorming feature to inspire new ways of thinking that drive you and your team to consider alternative approaches and solutions. Choose from predefined challenges and questions cards that help you categorize ideas and work through hurdles when you hit a mental roadblock. 

Guided Brainstorming with MindManager 2012
- Video [1:58] (English)

Mindjet Customer Success- Ziba Design And Mind Mapping
- Video [1:08] (English)

Brainstorming And Requirements Gathering Webinar
- Recorded Webinar [18:28] (English)

How To Not Get Lost In Your Task Management
- Recorded Webinar [1:00:03] (English)

Brainstorming Assistant
- Recorded Webinar [37:20] (English)

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MindManager For Desktop Research


Free resources to show you how MindManager can be used to make your Desktop Research quicker and more efficient for all concerned.

"MindManager XXX" (English) Video Tutorial (English)



MindManager For Events & Meetings


MindManager’s visual format makes it easy to plan your meeting / event in advance:-

  • Get Started Quickly - Built-in map templates help you quickly lay out the essential elements of your event plan. Use MindManager as a virtual whiteboard to brainstorm goals, themes, and venue ideas. Just drag and drop topics to organize the details, and then add attachments and links to keep crucial information in reach.

  • Interactive Budgeting - Itemizing event budgets in the context of the plan helps everyone see the impact that individual changes have on the overall budget. MindManager automatically calculates planned and actual costs in a visual format that’s much easier to follow than a spreadsheet.

  • Gain Alignment on Assignments - Map out deliverables, due dates, dependencies and resources so everyone knows what they are doing, and when. And stay on track at a glance with graphic markers that clearly highlight priorities, completion status, and new information.

MindManager’s visual format makes it easy to prep the participants beforehand so they come prepared  with all the documents and information they need in order to add more value to your meeting / eventfor everybody and they leave ready to take action:-

  • Detailed Visual Agendas - Successful meetings start with agendas created in MindManager’s hierarchical format. Everyone can quickly see how the details relate to the top priority agenda items. Participants can prepare in advance for meaningful conversations, and it’s easy to incorporate feedback into the meeting map. Add notes and attach files from team members so you’ll have everything in one place during live meetings.

  • Productive Conversations - Mind maps let you share ideas on a virtual whiteboard where you can add everyone’s contribution in real time and then distribute a complete set of notes immediately after the meeting. MindManager lets you highlight meaningful connections and clearly prioritize needs while you build out ideas. A meeting mind map is a sharable, organized, and understandable record of your conversation.

  • Clarify Action Items - Quickly move from planning to execution by assigning tasks, priorities, and deadlines right in the meeting map. Comments and decisions can be documented so everyone is prepared for next steps, and participants leave the meeting knowing what’s happening, who’s assigned to each task, and when action items are due.

During your meeting:-

  • Create Better Presentations - Automatically create slides from MindManager mind maps to quickly create high-impact presentations. And changes that are made in slideshow mode are reflected in the map, so you can easily make on-the-fly changes while presenting your plans.

MindManager Basics:  Event Planning
- Video [2:56] (English)

Run More Effective Meetings With MindManager & The Meeting Jetpack 
- Recorded Webinar [32:19] (English)

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MindManager For Projects


Successful project management depends on effective management of expectations and commitments. MindManager mind mapping software helps you keep teams in alignment on the decisions and tradeoffs that determine if a project will meet goals and deadlines. Create a blueprint for your project by defining goals, prioritizing issues, capturing stakeholder input, and validating requirements—all in one application:-

  • Visualize Goals - Clearly defining goals and prioritizing issues means getting input—and more importantly, buy-in—from the entire team. MindManager mind maps give project teams a virtual whiteboard for brainstorming where every idea and concern can be surfaced and cataloged. MindManager maps help teams think visually so they can quickly lay out deliverables and identify any gaps in the plan.

  • Validate Requirements - Adequately validating requirements is the first step to ensuring project success. Quickly capture stakeholder input in a format that encourages participation. Verify decisions by visually ordering and reordering topics, drilling down to review details, and using priority markers to provoke essential trade-off discussions.

  • Manage Resources - Use MindManager mind maps to create detailed process maps to intelligently allocate resources and identify dependencies. MindManager helps everyone involved see the big picture and all the details in context. And if needed, you can export straight to Microsoft Project.

  • Adjust and Optimize - Quickly make adjustments when schedules and resources change. The task roll-up feature shows the overall impact of changes to assignments and dependencies so that everyone can understand (and respond to) the implications of schedules and budgets. Integrated Gantt charts provide a timeline view of your schedule.

  • Agree on Budgets - Create and manage project budgets in the project mind map alongside priorities and schedules—all in one place. Use the Autocalc feature to quickly set up formulas throughout your map and use the formula editor to add more sophisticated calculations. Conduct “what if” analyses by dragging topics into or out of the formula’s range to immediately adjust the calculations.

  • Be Prepared - MindManager helps you get started faster with project map templates and pre-built map topics for creating project charters, plans, status, and timelines. Once you create a project, you can save your working mind map as a custom template to guide future work, reducing the time needed to start your next project. And if projects require Six Sigma processes, integrating maps into Six Sigma programs provides much-needed visual support for planning, brainstorming, and meeting management.

Mindjet & Education Development Center (EDC) / Project Management
 - Video [1:56] (English)

"Managing Projects with MindManager"
- Mindjet User Guide (English)
"The Visual Approach to Improving Project Management"
- Mindjet White Paper (English)
"Overcoming 3 Big Challenges to IT Project Success"
- Mindjet White Paper (English)
"A Practical Guide to Visual Project Planning - Achieving Project Alignment on Requirements and Scope"
- Mindjet User Guide (English)

MindManager Basics: Project Tools
- Video [2:48] (English)

Managing Projects With MindManager 2016 For Windows
- Recorded Webinar [39:31] (English)

Managing Projects With MindManager 2016 for Windows
- Recorded Webinar [57:24] (English)

Managing Projects With MindManager Advanced
- Recorded Webinar [53:47] (English)

Customer Insights Webinar On MindManager for Projects
- Recorded Webinar [39:38] (English)

MindManager Use Case- IT Project Management
- Video [2:02] (English)

MindManager Use Case - IT Operations
- Video [3:02] (English)

Visual Project Planning - Achieving Alignment On Requirements And Scope 
- Recorded Webinar [52:34] (English)

Make Risk Management Part of Your Project
- Recorded Webinar [1:00:06] (English)

Overcoming 3 Big Challenges to IT Project Success - A Visual Approach
- Recorded Webinar [1:05:24] (English)

Large-Scale Project Management
- Recorded Webinar [34:27] (English)

Using Mindmapping Software To Inject Structure To Support Project Health
- Recorded Conference Presentation [26:39] (English)
- Given by Sergey Soloviov at the Biggerplate Unplugged Mindmapping Conference In London in March 2015



MindManager For Agile


Operating in an agile way means working iterations, delivered by small, multi-disciplinary teams, in response to end-user stories and feedback, within regular and relatively brief time windows, rather than fully fledged output delivered long after the original brief has been superceded by events. It means a lot of information gathering, organisng, sharing, synthesising and collaborating "on the hoof".

MindManager is the ideal digital information tool for all aspects of the agile development process, from the initial collection of user stories to the end delivery. Think of it as an infinite project board where you can pan out to see the "big picture" or drill down to the smallest details behind the summary scrawl of a sticky note.

Mindjet Agile Project Management for Software Product Teams
- Video [3:25] (English)

Using Mindjet for Agile Planning
- Video [3:10] (English)

Improve Your Agile Planning Development Projects With Mindjet
- Recorded Webinar [37:15] (English)

Define & Execute Agile Projects Using A Lightweight Version Of Scrum
- Recorded Webinar [47:26] (English)




MindManager For Product Development


Free resources to show you how MindManager can be used to make your product development  processes quicker and more efficient for all concerned.

Product Teams Solutions
- Video [3:52] (English)

Mindjet & SensorLink
- Video [1:42] (English)

Mindjet & Ekso Bionics
- Video [1:58] (English)


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MindManager For Sales & Marketing


Free resources to show you how MindManager can be used to make your sales and marketing processes quicker and more efficient for all concerned.

Enterprise Sales Management Success: Mindjet's Sales Solutions
- Video [3:12] (English)

Sales Solutions
- Video [4:18] (English)

Mindjet's Marketing Tools and Solutions
- Video [2:25] (English)

Marketing Solutions
- Video [3:03] (English)

Using Mindjet Software To Improve Sales Effectiveness
- Recorded Webinar [30:19] (English)



MindManager For Human Resources


Free resources to show you how MindManager can be used to make your HR processes quicker and more efficient for all concerned.

HR Solutions From Mindjet
- Video [2:12] (English)

Human Resources Solutions
- Video [2:34] (English)


TRY / BUY / UPGRADE to the latest versions of Mindjet MindManager at our discounted partner rate.



MindManager For Professional Services & Consulting


Free resources to show you how MindManager can be used to help you deliver better professional services to your clients.

Mindjet's Professional Services Solutions - Drive Project Management Success
- Video [2:54] (English)

Professional Services Solutions
- Video [3:14] (English)

Consulting Solutions
- Video [2:43] (English)

MindManager For Consulting: Business Performance Collaborative
- Video [3:09] (English)