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Home > by Subject > Geography > Countries of the World > Countries of the World Research Resources Webmap (BASIC A-Z Edition)
Countries of the World Research Resources Webmap (BASIC A-Z Edition)

Countries of the World Research Resources Webmap (BASIC A-Z Edition)

Countries of the World Research Resources Webmap (BASIC A-Z Edition) BASIC research webmap (5499 hyperlinks over 5777 topics up to 4 levels deep) of Countries of the World (as defined by ISO-3166-1), arranged alphabetically A-Z, and with branches hyperlinked to a range of free websites with definitive and comprehensive information about each country (including the BBC, CIA and Wikipedia). The maps visual hierarchical enables online information resources on countries of the world to be found much more efficiently by users, as well as providing a "big picture" knowledge framework within which new country-based information can be easily placed for subsequent action using MindManagers great feature set.

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Countries of the World Research Resources Webmap (BASIC A-Z Edition)

Embedded HTML Map
Browse all 5777 topics in the HTML5 version of the map below.

Note - 'Click and drag' or use scrollbars to pan around the map, and the slider/buttons in the bottom right to zoom in/out, auto zoom to fit the whole map into the frame in its curently expanded state, focus and completely expand a selected topic, center the map on a selected topic, and search the map for a specified text string. Hyperlinks will open in a new browser tab
The HTML map export feature in MindManager 2018 is still not fully developed, so some HTML5 maps may differ slightly from the original MindManager (.mmap) file. Also HTML5 maps are not supported on all platforms in all browsers.
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Long Description 
BASIC research webmap (5499 hyperlinks over 5777 topics up to 4 levels deep) of Countries of the World, as defined by ISO-3166-1: Codes For The Representation Of Names Of Countries. Country branches are arranged alphabetically in sub-branches labelled by letter from A to Z, with a single hyperlink to the relevant country page on Wikipedia.
Country branch topic content is comprised of the following elements

  • ISO3166-1 Official Country 'Short Name' in English
  • ISO3166-1 alpha-2 2 character letter code
  • ISO3166-1 alpha-3 3 character letter code
  • ISO3166-1 numeric 3 3 figure numeric code
  • ISO3166-1 Official Country 'Long Name' in English
  • High quality country flag graphic (free download from

Sub-branches contain hyperlinks to trusted websites with definitive reference information about the country such as the BBC, CIA and Wikipedia (& related Wiki projects), which can be used a starting points for detailed research:-

  • BBC - Country Profile on BBC News; Country Guide on BBC Weather
  • CIA - Country Page on CIA World Fact Book online; Country page on CIA Directory of Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments online; Maps of country in CIA online Library
  • Countrycodes - List of major international location codes for country
  • GeoHack - Index of online mapping services to view country
  • Google - Country on Google Maps
  • International Government Information Library (University of Colorado) - Index of online resources about the country from governmental and nongovernmental sources
  • Wikipedia (& Related Projects) - Country Page on Wikipedia; Country Portal on Wikipedia; Index of country-related articles on Wikipedia; Index of country-related images on Wikimedia Commons; Atlas of country on Wikimedia Commons; Country page on Wikivoyage

We have also created 3 Map Marker Tag groups from the UN Macro Geographical Regions, UN Macro Geographical Sub-Regions and the full ISO3166-1 Country listing, and tagged each branch in the map with a mixture of these as appropriate. (Note Countries that are Dependencies 0r Other Such Non-Sovereign State status are also tagged with the "Parent Country" tag to preserve the formal relationship between them).

In addition we have created an icon marker group with the country flags and labelled with the ISO3166-1 Country short name and codes.

These marker tags give users the ability to:-  

  • "geo-filter" the map on any tag to show only those countries with the same tag eg. all countries that make up a particular Macro Geographical Region, all countries associated with a particular country such as the United Kingdom ie. overseas territories and dependencies.
  • "geo-tag" any branches they add to the map. 
  • "geo-tag" and "geo-filter" any branches in a pre-existing map by simply copying and pasting the Tag Marker Groups from the Countries of the World Template Atlas into the Index pane of the map they want.



Background Notes 
1. The country flags are a free download from the good people at

2. The ISO3166 standard comes in 3 parts:-

  • ISO 3166-1:2006 - Country Codes
  • ISO 3166-2:2007 - Country subdivision codes
  • ISO 3166-3:1999 - Codes for country names which have been deleted from ISO 3166-1 since its first publication in 1974

3. Updates to ISO 3166-1 are posted in official newsletters on the ISO3166 website. Note that updates occur very infrequently.  

4. The Maintenance Agency for ISO3166 (ISO3166/MA) is made up of the following National Standards Organisations:-  

  • Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR)
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
  • Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN)
  • Swedish Standards Institute (SIS)

As well as major UN or other international organisations:-

  • International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  • International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
  • Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
  • Universal Postal Union (UPU)
  • United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

5. Although many countries on the ISO3166-1 list are Dependent States & Territiories, it does not include all dependent territories and possessions of a particular Sovereign State ie. a dependent territory is not automatically classed as a separate country.  

6. Similarly the ISO3166-1 list does include some Countries whose status as a Sovereign State is in dispute eg. the short name of the Republic of China (TW - TWN - 158) is listed as "Taiwan, Province of China", but not all de-facto states eg. Transdniestrian Moldovan Republic "Transnistria" (a de facto independent state inside Moldova).  

7. The 'Short Name' listed on the ISO3166-1 webpage is sometimes actually the long name. Sometimes this is to minimise confusion between States with similar names eg. the official short name listed for the Republic of Congo-Brazzaville (CG - COG - 178) is "Congo" whilst that for The Democratic Republic of the Congo (CD - COD - 180) is "Congo, The Democratic Republic of the". In other instances however there is no obvious reason eg. Islamic Republic of Iran (IR - IRN - 364) is listed as "Iran, Islamic Republic of ", rather than simply "Iran", or Syrian Arab Republic (SY - SYR - 760) listed as "Syrian Arab Republic", rather than simply "Syria", which are the official short names cited in other sources eg. Wikipedia list of countries. Note also that sometimes the official long name is the same as the short name.  

8. Users should be aware that as far as the United Nations Statistics Division classification of international regions and sub-regions is concerned, "the assignment of countries or areas to specific groupings is for statistical convenience and does not imply any assumption regarding political or other affiliation of countries or territories". As such it can sometimes be counter-intuitive eg. Cyprus (CP - CYP - 196) is classified as being part of Western Asia, not Europe, whilst the Russian Federation (RU - RUS - 643) is part of Eastern Europe, not Asia


Update Regime
As the geo-political world does not stand still the ISO-3166-1 standard is updated periodically. As and when updates are received we will update this map and re-issue it. At the very least it will be subject to annual review. As a research map, it may also be updated in the future if further useful content is identified (either by ourselves or our users).


Specific Purpose
The main purpose of this map is 2-fold:-

  • Research Tool - Our aim is for this map to be the only research tool you will ever need to find out about the countries of the world, for whatever purpose
  • Public Education Resource - Users can discover further information about the countries and peoples that make up this big old beautiful world of ours and perhaps make a connection that they wouldn't otherwise have done.


Specific Tips For Use
1. Use this map to research destinations prior to travel. In particular the WikiVoyage website is geared specifically for travellers and is updated regularly with important information that may determine if you travel there at all eg. security issues.

2. Use this map as a template to create your own country based maps such as international customers or sales territories. These can be further enhanced if used in conjunction with the other country maps available.

3. Country branches are also tagged by international region and sub-region, as defined by the United Nations Statistics Division. By using MindManagers Power Filter function, users can filter the map to show only those countries that make up that region. Users are free to add their own tags to branches to aggregate countries according to their own criteria.

See the About Our Maps section for general hints & tips for working with our maps.

Publication Date(s): February 2015 (Latest); August 2013
Language: English (UK)
Nationality: International
Geographic Level: Global
Time Base: n/a
Originally Created Using: Mindjet MindManager 12
Structure: Right map
Map Theme: Geography
Number of Topics: 5777
Number of Hyperlinks: 5499
Approximate File Size: 0.8 MB (.mmap); 2.9 MB (.pdf)
Information Sources: ISO3166 pages of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) website; ISO3166 pages of Wikipedia; United Nations Statistics Division Standard Country or Area Codes for Statistical Use website
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