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About Us

This section tells you all about Knowledge Mappers and where we are coming from as an organisation.

Our People

Our Ethos



Our People


Information is all about people - there's no point to it if the right person doesn't have it to hand when they need it, in a form that they can easily digest, assimilate and act upon. All our people are "people" people and understand that implicitly.


  Angus McDonald (BSc, MSc), CEO & Founder


I am a Geographic & Visual Information Consultant with over 25 years experience in the local government and private sectors, both employed and self employed. I have a proven track record of envisaging, designing, producing and delivering innovative and ground-breaking information products & services and creating new markets. As a result I have an excellent range of agile project skills which, in conjunction with a passion for knowledge transfer and not re-inventing the wheel wherever possible, successfully bridge the gap between the expectation of users and the constraints of technology. These run alongside a broad understanding of all aspects of the collection, management and use of Geographic Information (and "Business Information" in general) gained through 25 years of hands-on experience as a "do-er", as well as a business owner. All are under-pinned by a broad environmental science knowledge base and a passionate belief that mapping in all it's guises - geographic, information, knowledge, concepts, processes etc. - can help people make the world a better place, through doing whatever it is that they do, better!

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  Associate Network


We operate with a network of associated developers and subject experts to develop and deliver our solutions. For example with sustainable travel experts to deliver our School Travel Health Check service map-enabled web portals of spatial analysis results of pupil travel data, or with other members of the Minjet International Value Added Partner (MIVAP) network for our MindManager based solutions.

You provide the subject expertise, we'll give you the visual knowledge resources you need.



Our Ethos


CEO Angus McDonald founded Knowledge Mappers n 2005 on the simple premise that the main barrier to solving the worlds problems is not a lack of knowledge to solve them, but it is that the specific person(s) responsible for solving them, whether they asked for the responsibility or not, either have the right information but can't lay their hands on it when they need it due to information overlaod, or thay don't know where to start looking for it because of information overload.

Here's some of where we're "coming from" as a company -

Let's stop reinventing the wheel but instead consolidate what we actually know about any given subject from the vast sum of human knowledge learned, gathered and posted on the internet so far.

As we live in the 21st Century, let's use 21st century tools to capture, publish and disseminate this subject knowledge rather than using digital tools to reproduce 19th century paper practices.

Let's start with subjects that are of most relevance to society and the individuals within it, such as space and time and government and political representation.

Let's identify the definitive sources of the information on that subject and list them in a structured and easy-to-digest way so that anybody can find them.

Let's take a snapshot of the current knowledge base by capturing and combining as much of the available definitive information as possible into a single, digital document that :-

  • is structured in way that works in harmony with the way your brain actually processes information ie. not in lines, paragraphs and pages but in chunks with multiple, logical, often hierarchical, inter- relationships.
  • is a map that others can follow.
  • can be used as a knowledge resource by anybody for teaching, learning, researching, lobbying or whatever activity we legitimately decide to undertake as is our right as citizens of Planet Earth.

Where information can't be fully captured for whatever reason, let's document what we can and at least have a link to the source.

As the world is constantly changing, let's timestamp the maps so that users can at least have a feel for the information and decide for themselves if it is sufficiently up-to-date for their purposes.

Let's include as many of the URL's of source web pages as possible so that users can update their own maps if they want to.

Rather than discard a knowledge map because it has been superseded by events in an ever changing world, let's still make it available as a historical document and let users decide if it is still useful to them or not.

Although it would be nice to do all this for free, let's take advantage of the economies of scale that trading online 24/7 to a potential global market produces and make these maps available at a price that is within the reach of individuals, students, charities and ordinary business people.

At the same time though let's recognise that these different types of users will be using the maps for different purposes and therefore have a differential pricing structure to reflect this.

Where information changes on a regular basis, such as the members of an elected body like Parliament or Congress, let's let's update our maps more often to try and keep track of it.

Rather than be possessive and propriatorial of the process, let's promote and encourage as many others as possible to contribute to it so that that the sum of the whole knowledge base is more than the sum of the individual parts. Thus let's :-

  • take suggestions from our customers as to subjects to add to our knowledge map catalogue as well as how existing maps could be improved.
  • offer a bespoke service to create maps for people and organsations on commission.
  • offer training and consultancy to help others to capture, document and disseminate their own knowledge resources.
  • allow those who have already created their own knowledge maps about subjects that they know about to make them available to anybody through our Knowledge Mappers author programme.
  • encourage application developers to create more specialised applications incorporating our maps through our partner programme.


In a nutshell, let's create a world where indiividual & collective knowledge is :-

  • collected only once
  • Described and Documented thoroughly ...
  • Maintained and Archived properly ...
  • Accessed and Retrieved easily ...
  • Used as many times as possible ...
  • By as many people as possible ...



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