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Home > Demonstration Maps > Scottish Local Government Improvement Service Website Webmap DEMO
Scottish Local Government Improvement Service Website Webmap DEMO

Scottish Local Government Improvement Service Website Webmap DEMO

Scottish Local Government Improvement Service Website Webmap DEMO

Scottish Local Government Improvement Service Website Webmap DEMO - FULL webmap (1103 hyperlinks over 1818 topics) of the Improvement Service website. The IS was set up in 2005 to help improve the efficiency, quality and accountability of local public services in Scotland by providing advice, consultancy and programme support to councils and their partners.

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Scottish Local Government Improvement Service Website Webmap DEMO

Embedded HTML Map

Browse all 1818 topics in the embedded HTML5 version of the map below:-

Note - 'Click and drag' or use scrollbars to pan around the map, and the slider/buttons in the bottom right to zoom in/out, auto zoom to fit the whole map into the frame in its curently expanded state, focus and completely expand a selected topic, center the map on a selected topic, and search the map for a specified text string. Hyperlinks will open in a new browser tab
The HTML map export feature in MindManager 2018 is still not fully developed, so some HTML5 maps may differ slightly from the original MindManager (.mmap) file. Also HTML5 maps are not supported on all platforms in all browsers.
(Click here to see the map as a full webpage).



General Features Of Our DEMO Maps

Our DEMO maps demonstrate how:-

  • the power and versatility of MindManger makes it the "digital tool of first resort" for everybody that works with information on a daily basis.

  • our knowledge framework "basemaps" enable users to leverage that power even more.

  • the application of some "cartographic know-how" when making maps can enrich the information content and the visual communication of it to the end user.

This map can be viewed / downloaded as a native MindManager (.mmap) or dynamic HTML5 (.html) file from the top of this page.



Specific Features Of This DEMO Map

1. ALL the navigation links & headers on the Improvement Service website have been captured in a single map document using MindManager information mapping software:-

  • Structure of map therefore mirrors the navigation structure of the Improvement Service website.
    Note - There is of course nothing stopping users from re-arranging it, adding their own information to it etc. themselves within MindManager.

  • Map contains 1103 Hyperlinks within 1818 Branches.


2. Amongst other export options, MindManager enables maps to be published as an interactive HTML5 file, viewable in any modern browser on any device.:-

  • HTML file can be embedded in an existing web page e.g. this DEMO product page.

  • HTML file can be viewed as a complete web page e.g. the one for this map hosted on the Knowledge Mappers website.

  • HTML file could be emailed as an attachment, which will open as a "stand-alone" file in a browser without requiring any internet connection

See also - The MindManager Blog Post on the "Universal File Export" feature, and the MindManager online help file on Export options.


3. The "map" of the website also serves as a "visual directory / archive" of:-

  • Documents & Publications e.g. IS Elected Members Guidance and Briefings branches in this map.

  • Meetings & Associated Documents e.g. the Improvement Service Economic Outcomes Programme - Project Board Meetings in this map.
    Note - The meeting process is made greatly more efficient by producing the agenda as a map (complete with links to venue directions etc.), which is then used to run the meeting, and then to produce the minutes for follow up actions, and finally as the meeting archive. e.g. we have done this for the agenda and minutes of the last (February 2017) Economic Outcomes Programme - Project Board meeting in this map.

  • Staff / Team Members e.g. the Improvement Service Staff directory branches in this map.
    Note - You could easily add some pictures and further contact info e.g. LinkedIn profile!

  • Organisational / Community Networks e.g. the Scottish Councils and Community Planning Partnerships branches on this map..
    Note - Obviously there are lots of other partnerships that could also be mapped down to individual member level! e.g. Health and Social Care Integration Partnerships, Local Community Justice Partnerships etc.

  • Knowledge Resources e.g. IS Induction Notebooks for Elected Members branches in this map.


4. Branches can easily be copied and pasted elsewhere in the map (or "spun-off" to create a completely new map) to form an instant knowledge framework that users can add additional information to e.g. branches concerning products and services to support members of this map have been re-used in the related map of the Scottish Local Councillor website.


5. Contextual information can be added to any map branch using Mindmanagers unique Topic Property feature e.g. no examples in this map but the Geographic area, population size and density have been added to the Scottish local council branches on this map.
Note - In MindManager map branches can be re-ordered (as well as other things) according on the topic property values.
See also - An example of an embedded spreadsheet within a topic - Associates Framework - Delegates's List - 15 June 2017, Edinburgh & 21 June 2017, Glasgow, and the MindManager online help file on different ways that data can be added to map topics.


6. The content of embedded documents can be mapped so users can assess the relevance before opening them e.g. section titles mapped within IS 2017-18 Business Plan, Elected Members' Masterclasses 2017 workshop program and Elected Members Guidance and Briefings branches on this map.
Note - In some instances it is possible to map internal hyperlinks, but it will depend on how the document is set up e.g. IS Strategic Framework and The Planning System In Scotland: An Introduction For Elected Members document branches in this map.


7. "Online Toolkits" can be mapped so users can go straight to the tool they want e.g. the IS Business Analysis Framework Tool branches on this map. (Incidentally all of the template documents listed there can easily be reformatted as MindManager information maps such that the entire business analysis process could be carried out in the same software environment).
Note - Not from IS but still highly relevant to public sector digital transformation, we have already mapped the online UK Government Digital Service Toolkit.

See also - Short tutorial videos on our website on using MindManager for Professional Services & Consulting, Agile, Projects and Process Mapping.

8. Map can be visually formatted to reflect corporate / brand identity e.g. map colour scheme is based on the same shade of blue used in the IS logo.



Future Development Of This Map

This map may be developed into a full product available in our mapstore (if it isn't already), or it may just remain as a demonstration and proof of concept. Whichever, we welcome your reactions and feedback by email to, or leave a comment on the "Review" tab of this page.

Publication Date(s): October 2017
Language: English (UK)
Nationality: n/a
Geographic Level: n/a
Time Base: n/a
Originally Created Using: Mindjet MindManager 17
Structure: Right map
Map Theme: Standard
Number of Topics: 1818
Number of Hyperlinks: 1103
Approximate File Size: 0.2 MB (.mmap); 1.9 MB (.html); 2.0 MB (.pdf)
Information Sources: Improvement Service website
: *
: *
: *

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