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Home > Demonstration Maps > Scottish Local Authority Electoral Wards and Councillors Webmap (ATLAS Layout) INTERIM DEMO
Scottish Local Authority Electoral Wards and Councillors Webmap (ATLAS Layout) INTERIM DEMO

Scottish Local Authority Electoral Wards and Councillors Webmap (ATLAS Layout) INTERIM DEMO

Scottish Local Authority Electoral Wards and Councillors Webmap (ATLAS Layout) INTERIM DEMO

Scottish Local Authority Electoral Wards and Councillors Webmap (ATLAS Layout) INTERIM DEMO - Demonstration Atlas layout webmap indexing, and hyperlinking to definitive online information resources about, Scottish Local Authority Electoral Wards and current councillors. The map in it's current state is a proof of concept with branches in 2 authorities - East Renfrewshire & East Lothian - more or less fully developed. Informed by feedback from potential users, the completed map will be the first visually structured, defintive directory of Scotlands 32 Local Councils, their 354 electoral wards and 1,227 councillors.

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Scottish Local Authority Electoral Wards and Councillors Webmap (ATLAS Layout) INTERIM DEMO

Embedded HTML Map

Browse the embedded HTML5 version of the INTERIM DEMO map below:-

Note - 'Click and drag' or use scrollbars to pan around the map, and the slider/buttons in the bottom right to zoom in/out, auto zoom to fit the whole map into the frame in its curently expanded state, focus and completely expand a selected topic, center the map on a selected topic, and search the map for a specified text string. Hyperlinks will open in a new browser tab
The HTML map export feature in MindManager 2018 is still not fully developed, so some HTML5 maps may differ slightly from the original MindManager (.mmap) file. Also HTML5 maps are not supported on all platforms in all browsers.
(Click here to see the map as a full webpage).



General Features Of Our DEMO Maps

Our DEMO maps demonstrate how:-

  • the power and versatility of MindManger makes it the "digital tool of first resort" for everybody that works with information on a daily basis.

  • our knowledge framework "basemaps" enable users to leverage that power even more.

  • the application of some "cartographic know-how" when making maps can enrich the information content and the visual communication of it to the end user.

This map can be viewed / downloaded as a native MindManager (.mmap) or dynamic HTML5 (.html) file from the top of this page.



Specific Features Of This DEMO Map

Note - This map is still a work in progress rather than a fully working demonstration. However it does show how a broad range of information from different sources about a particular group of related things (e.g. scottish local authories, elected councillors etc.) can be combined into a single, digital information map which, through it's visual structure and "drill down not scroll down" type of interactivity, makes it easier to find the information yet still retain it's "bigger picture" context.


1. This map represents an early interim step in a multi-step process. The process could result in the creation of an information map directory of all 1,227 Scottish local councillors, complete with hyperlinks to original source web pages about them. However other equally useful maps could be created directly during interim stages, or could be "spun-off", along the way:-

  • Comprehensive directory of information sources about councils beyond just their website home page and Wikipedia article currently linked to eg. themed by service area.

  • Directory of council wards in each council (and information sources about them), by which to arrange the councillors.

  • Directory of ward election results.

  • Directory of lower order local authority adminstrative geographies (and information sources about them) eg. Community Councils.


2. Branches re-used from other maps e.g. Local authority branches have also been used in the Scottish Local Government Improvement Service Website Webmap DEMO and Scottish Local Councillor Website Webmap DEMO maps.


3. Branches containing multiple hyperlinks to online information sources. These could be from different websites containing different aspects of information about the councillor, or ward, or council or whatever i.e. a true "information mashup". e.g. the Council branches are hyperlinked to the Home page of official authority website and the Wikipedia article about it, or the area covered by the authority if the former has not yet been created.


4. Pseudo-geographic, "Atlas style" layout i.e. a geographic hierarchy. At the highest level this has been by EU NUTS geostatistical reporting region, and then by local authority. However it could also:-

  •  Incorporate other Scottish geographies

  • Utilise a non-geographic layout, such as a simple A-Z. e.g. .

Note - The Countries of the World Webmaps already in our mapstore come in a range of atlas and A-Z layouts. These will be expanded in future to include lower order administrative geographies such as state, district/city and community authorities.


5. Further geographic context is added to branches through inclusion of:-

  • Thumbnail map images embedded in the geographic hierarchy branches to add visual context .

  • Various official area identification codes as part of the branch text e.g. IS03166-2 Code, Government Statistical Office Code, EU NUTS Code.

  • Hyperlinks to online sources of more comprehensive spatial information eg. wikipedia articles.



Future Development Of This Map

This map may be developed into a full product available in our mapstore (if it isn't already), or it may just remain as a demonstration and proof of concept. Whichever, we welcome your reactions and feedback by email to, or leave a comment on the "Review" tab of this page.

Publication Date(s): June 2018 (Latest); November 2017
Language: English (UK)
Nationality: n/a
Geographic Level: n/a
Time Base: n/a
Originally Created Using: Mindjet MindManager 18
Structure: Right map
Map Theme: Standard
Number of Topics: 197
Number of Hyperlinks: 295
Approximate File Size: 0.2 MB (.mmap); 1.9 MB (.html)
Information Sources: Scottish Local Councillor Webpages of Local Authority websites; Scottish Local Councillor website
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