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MindManager Online Resources Webmap (FULL Edition)

MindManager Online Resources Webmap (FULL Edition)

MindManager Online Resources Webmap  (FULL Edition) - FULL webmap (5636 hyperlinks over 6620 topics) of online resources for Mindjet MindManager, the worlds leading information ("mind") mapping software and personal productivity tool.

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MindManager Online Resources Webmap (FULL Edition)

Embedded HTML Map
Browse all 5777 topics in the HTML5 version of the map below.

Note - 'Click and drag' or use scrollbars to pan around the map and the slider/buttons in the bottom right to zoom in/out, auto zoom to fit the whole map into the frame in its curently expanded state, focus and completely expand a selected topic, center the map on a selected topic, and search the map for a specified text string. Hyperlinks will open in a new browser tab
The HTML map export feature in MindManager 2017 is still not fully developed, so some HTML5 maps may differ slightly from the original MindManager (.mmap) file. Also HTML5 maps are not supported on all platforms in all browsers.


Product Video(s)
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Long Description 
FULL webmap (5636 hyperlinks over 6620 topics 4 or more levels deep) of online resources for Mindjet MindManager, the worlds leading information ("mind") mapping software and personal productivity tool. All resources are internally mapped as extensively as possible (e.g. a website "resource" will have sub-topics of all links listed in the site navigation menus). The main categories of MindManager resources mapped are:-

  • Background Information - Articles from Wikipedia and other sources on Mindmapping, Mindjet and MindManager.

  • Official Websites - All the websites created by Mindjet to support MindManager users fully mapped:-

    • Main Company Website(s)

    • User Help & Support (including the MindManager online help file)

    • Social Networks

    • Video Channels (493 videos)

    • Map Sharing

  • Mindjet International Value Added Partners (MIVAPs) - premier bespoke map content, training, software add-ins, consultancy and free tips and tricks from the worlds top MindManager experts.

  • Add-Ins - Extend the already awsome functionality of MindManager with software add-ins, all produced by MIVAP experts. Prices range from FREE to ridiculously amazing value for money considering how much time they save you and boost your personal productivity tool!

  • Map Files / Content - Save time by sourcing pre-made maps, templates & map parts, or get a professional to create them for you!:-)

    • Free Maps / File Sharing

    • "Off The Shelf" Map File Stores

    • Bespoke Map Creation

  • Blogs - Get MindManager-related news and expert tips and tricks for free. All individual posts within the blogs are listed:-

    • Official MindManager Blogs (1983 posts)

    • Mindjet International Value Added Partner (MIVAP) Blogs (392 posts)

    • Other MindManager Related Blogs (203 posts)



Background Notes:
1. This is the FULL version of this webmap, which means it has at least 4 "levels" of topics & sub-topics out from the central topic. The actual number of levels will vary depending on the type of resource being mapped. For example a website resource will be mapped down to all levels that are listed in the site navigation menus, whilst sometimes only one individual webpage is a relevant resource. There is also a FREE version of this map, but it will only contain topics to a depth of 3 levels. For example this will be sufficient for users to get to the home page of a blog site resource, but thereafter they will have to rely on the site navigation to locate individual blog posts of interest (good luck with that fellas ;-).
2. The resources in this map are predominantly in the English language but there are exceptions. Mindjet maintains several different language versions of its main website and also produces documentation, product tutorial videos and recorded webinars in other languages to match that of the software, notably German and French (with a lot of videos also in Spanish). The Mindjet International Value Added Partner network also covers a broad range of languages..



Update Regime: 
Given the dynamic nature of the Web and the level of detail mapped (e.g. individual blog posts), this map will be updated on at least a quarterly basis, but more frequently if there is sufficient demand. Please contact us if you know of any MindManager software resources that we haven't included.

Specific Purpose:  
The main purpose of this map is 3-fold:-

  • MindManager User Resource - MindManager is the worlds best information ("mind") mapping software. What could be more natural / logical then than using it to map information resources about itself for the benefit of MindManager users?

  • Make the most of knowledge resources already produced and available in the public domain - Knowledge resources take time, effort and, well, expert knowledge to produce. However no matter how well and how lovingly they are made, they soon disappear off the radar and get lost in the "latest thing only" noise of the Web. It is part of our ethos at KnowledgeMappers to avoid re-inventing the wheel wherever possible, to make the most of what has gone before so individuals can continue to advance themselves and humanity as a whole by "standing on the shoulders of giants". Digital information mapping is the most efficient process available to do this as it facilitates quicker information discovery in the first place, and then provides a "what is known so far" visual framework that individuals can add their newly acquired knowledge to and which also places it within a "bigger picture" context.

  • To promote the capabilities of Knowledge Mappers and the other members of the Mindjet International Value Added Partner (MIVAP) network - Because MindManager is such an all-round and versatile software tool that can be applied to so may real world issues and processes, end users that have just bought it for one specific purpose may be unaware of the full range of its capabilities that they could also be benefiting from. With their huge breadth and depth of specialist expertise in MindManager, MIVAP professionals can help you leverage the most from your investment in the worlds leading information ("mind") mapping software through provision of premier bespoke map content, training, software add-ins and consultancy, tailored to your individual needs. As owners and operators of SME businesses themselves, they especially know how to apply MindManager to better manage everyday business processes as well as facilitating more rapid understanding of problems /  issues, identification of solutions, alignment and buy-in of stakeholders and implementation of solutions. What's not to gain from a free consultation? :-)

General Tips For Use:  

2. Our Resource Maps do not contain the information resources themselves. They contain that information which is required to create informatively labelled hyperlinked topic branches that form a larger visual framework (ie. a map), which will "take" users to the information resource online if they follow them. Once there the user can then make the most of their newly discovered information resource in the best way they see fit using MindManagers hugely versatile array of information mapping features.

3. Our Resource Maps sometimes utilise MindManager features that may only have been added to the software in the most recent version. If you are viewing our maps in older versions of the software they may not appear exactly as in the product images.

See the About Our Maps section for general hints & tips for working with our maps.



Specific Tips For Use:  
1. Browse & Discover - There are a lot of free knowledge resources online to help users make the most of Mindjet MindManager. Discovering them by browsing through a MindManager map is a lot easier than scrolling through pages of search engine results (assuming you knew a good term to search on in the first place!). Information items are listed in context within a wider knowledge framework as users drill down through the map branches. We suggest either exploring the map systematically over a few coffee breaks, or perhaps just going for a random wander through the 5636 hyperlinks over 6620 topics and allowing Providence to take you where you need to be at that time ;-)
2. Map & Assimilate -
Upon discovering a relevant knowledge resource through the map, why not map the actual content further within MindManager to really understand it yourself and assimilate it into your own knowledge bank? You are in MindManager when you find it so why not use all the MindManager features at your disposal to take it to the next level?
3. Compile & Share -
Now that you've discovered these great new knowledge resources about particular aspects of MindManager, why not compile them in a dedicated map to share with colleagues / customers using the range of features at your disposal:-

  • Copy and paste branches to a new map.

  • Select and right-click branches and send them to a new map.

  • Create groups of index tags to describe your angle and start tagging branches. Maps can then be filtered on the tags and saved as a separate, map dedicated to that specific angle.


Publication Date(s): November 2016 (Latest)
Language: English (UK)
Nationality: N/A
Geographic Level: International
Time Base: Gregorian
Originally Created Using: MindManager 2016
Structure: Right map
Map Theme: Resource
Number of Topics: 6628
Number of Hyperlinks: 5644
Approximate File Size: 19.8 MB (.mmap), 10.9 MB (.pdf)
Information Sources: Organisation websites
SKU KM-32-F-1-M
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