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MindManager Benefits

There are plenty of free software tools out there if all you want to do is "mindmapping" on computer. However we haven't found any other software to match the versatility of MindManager for the sheer range of easy-to-use (and often unique) optons and tools for:-

  • capturing information digitally "on the hoof", either through manual, keyboard entry during solo / group brainstorming sessions, or by simple on-screen "drag and drop" with a mouse.
  • importing existing information from other "standard" digital sources such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel and, for coporate IT setups, SharePoint.

  • organising it into a visual framework, in other words a map or diagram.  Not just a traditional "mindmap" ie. a radial branching tree, but organisations structure maps, right/left-only maps, flow charts, concept maps etc. 

  • combining ("mashing up") information about the same subject from (sometimes radically) different sources into the one document that is effectively infinite in capacity but more compact and intuitive to navigate than traditional "linear" documents - "drill down, not scroll down!". For example our biggest map to date, which maps all the pages in the websites of over 60 European Union bodies, has over 17,000 hyperlinks in over 18,000 branches - try getting that amount of information in a single, usable Word document ;-)

  • re-organising the map content quickly, intuitively, flexibly, organically, responsively, as you want so you stay in control.

  • formatting the map with great information cartography tools to get the look and feel that you want eg. the ability to use your own, customisable image libraries.

  • visualising information in different ways within the map eg. as embedded spreadsheets, charts etc.

  • creating new information from existing information within the map using formulas and auto-calculation features that incorporate data from sub-branches (branches can also be formatted according to the value of the newly calculated data to aid visualisation).

  • tagging map branches using your own or imported tags and groups of tags.

  • querying your information like a visual database by filtering the map on text string values and/or formatting element and/or tag. Query results can then be saved instantly as a new map.

  • re-purposing existing map elements to quickly use in other maps, either by simple copying and pasting, or as map parts which can be made available to all users in a library.
  • hyper-linking to online resources, with multiple hyperlinks on a single branch and a built-in web browser so you never have to leave the MindManager environment to view the resources (one of our personal favourites :-)

  • exporting information to other "standard" formats such as Acrobat pdf, Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.

  • sharing your map so that others also have the benefit of discovering / accessing a huge amount of information in a more compact and intuitive to navigate - "drill down, not scroll down!".

  • presenting /publishing your map to make it easier to transfer knowledge and experience in a form that makes it easier for others to act upon it.

  • adapting & extending the softwares capabilities via the API (Application Programming Interface) and macro writer to create  bespoke solutions.

  • enabling people and organisations to not just collect and organise information from a huge range of different sources into the one environment, but to assimilate it and act upon the inights it provides them to get the stuff done that they need to do, in a more productive way. For example the great project / task management tools and templates are used by project managers controlling multi-million dollar projects and project programmes around the world.

In addition there is a community of official Mindjet partners (such as ourselves) offering a range of value-added services and add-ons / plug-ins that greatly extend the functionality of Mindmanager, which is already pretty awsome anyway!

All of these mean MindManager is a hugely flexible, digital information tool that provides practical, focused, low-cost solutions to help people and organisations stay on top of their information and ideas, and get a lot more done with a lot less stress... :-)


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