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How It Works

Welcome to our online knowledge map shop...

This page explains how the Knowledge Mappers website works so users can get the best out of it:-

  1. Finding Our Maps
  2. Buying / Downloading Our Maps
  3. Using Our Maps



1. Finding Our Maps


1.1 Download Our Latest Catalogue Map

We produce a regularly updated Knowledge Mappers Map catalogue in the form of a MindManager map with direct links to the individual product pages.  As with all our maps this is available in either MindManager (.mmap) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.

Icon_Download_Catalogue2 Download our latest Catalogue map now...



1.2 Browse The Maps On This Website

We have tried to make it is easy as possible to discover the maps on our site. Use the Map Categories menu on the top left of the page to browse our maps by :-

Icon_Business by Business - Maps that are of relevance to particular business processes or sectors. These will also be listed under a particuar subject category.
Icon_A-Z by Subject Category - Drill down through the subject categories arranged A-Z.
Icon_Level by Geographic Area - Maps that pertain to a particular geographic area such as a country or region. These will also be listed under a particuar subject category.
Icon_Free Free maps - Contrary to received wisdom there is such a thing as a free map!
Icon_Coming_Soon Coming Soon - Maps that are currently in production but not yet ready for sale will be listed here. There will be a product page and description for them but probably no images. Maps will be listed as "out of stock" and it will not be possible to add them to your shopping cart, but it will be possible for you to add them to your Wishlist.
Icon_Author Map Author - Maps are listed here by name of the author. Cuirrently this is just Knowledge Maapers but we hope to add to our range of contributers in the future.
Icon_Latest New Arrivals - Maps that have been added to the site recently will be listed here as well as under the other categories
Icon_Free On Sale - Maps on special offer will be listed here as well as under the other categories.
Users obviously will also have the option of a Free text search of the map descriptions using the search box at the top of each page.
Icon_Latest Can't find the map you want / suddenly struck by a good idea  for a map? Remember our bespoke map  creation service!



1.3 Create a Knowledge Mappers User Account

Whilst it is possible to purchase maps from the store as an anonymous customer, you will still need to provide a valid email address for the download links to be sent to. It would be better to create a Knowledge Mappers User Account if you see something that you want to download / buy as the following features are only available to registered users:-

  • Exclusive offers
  • Unit price discounts for multiple user licences for use by Business and Education / Charity organisations
  • Further 10% unit price Discounts for Education / Charity users.

The types of account membership are as follows:-

  • Individual - you are a private individual who is only downloading maps for their own personal, private use. You will not need to share the maps.
  • Business - You are in a commercial / governmental organisation and are using our maps as part of your daily work. You will share them internally with colleagues and perhaps clients as long as you have purchased a sufficient number of user licenses to cover the number of people that will be using the maps (however the unit cost of the maps reduces the more licenses you buy).
  • Education / Charity - You are part of an educational establishment (as either staff or student), or work for a registered charity organisation. The same rules apply regarding sharing maps but there is a further 10% discount on the unit price.

If you have other uses in mind for our maps please contact us to discuss them!


i) As it is a digital download site users will have to provide a valid email address in order to receive the email containing the download link(s) for thier selected maps.

ii) It is possible for users to download maps without creating a User Account but the features listed above will not be available to them.

iii) User Account registration is instantaneous but will be subject to future verification, especially in the case of Education / Charity users.



2. Buying / Downloading Our Maps


2.1 Select The Map File Format

Once you have found a map you want you will need to choose the file format you would like it to be supplied in from the drop-down list on the individual map product description page. At present maps are available in Mindmanager (.mmap) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) formats. Other formats may be added in the future, although this will depend on the compatibility of other mindmapping software with the features of our MindManager maps. For example some of our maps contain a very large number of branches (6000+ in some cases), or they have a non-centre-radial structure such as right-only, tree map etc.


i) We currently use Mindmanager 2012 (ie. version 10) to create our maps. As there have been changes and additions to features with each new edition of MindManager, some of our maps may not be fully back compatible with older versions. For example there may be performance issues with particularly large maps (though this will also be affected by the specification of your local computer). Please contact us if you encounter any problems.

MindManager has the capability to save maps in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Furthermore the freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader software now has the in-built ability to interactively view the maps with many of the original featrures still available:-

  • collapse / expand branches
  • branch images & styling (within limits)
  • branch notes (although if the original note contains an image the entire note is not rendered in the Acrobat version)
  • hyperlinks (web pages will open in the users default browser, as unlike MindManager, Adobe Acrobat software does not have an in-built browser)
Thus we have made Adobe Acrobat versions of our maps available through our store where possible. Obviously however there are limitations. The map is still a static, read-only file which the user cannot ammend or add to. Also not all MindManager map structures and formatting is supported and sometimes this means it is not possible to offer an Acrobat version of a particular map. That said it's still a tremendous thing that greatly improves the sharing of information in MindManager map format

iii) There is no difference in price between the different formats.



2.2 Select the Map Publication Date

Depending on thier subject nature, our maps may be revised and re-published from time to time (see the "Update Regime" on the product details page). If so we usually retain the previous version for sale for historic purposes and leave it up to the user to decide if previous versions are valuable to them or not.

Thus you must choose the publication date of the map you would like from the drop-down list on the individual map product description page.


i) The most recent publicatin date is selected by default.

ii) In many instances there will only be one publication date listed.

iii) Obviously with the passage of time web links from the map may become broken.



2.3 Select the Correct Number of Licenses

Users will need to purchase the correct number of licenses to cover the number of people that will be using the map or maps derived from it:-

  • If it is only going to be used by one person and the it is stored on the local hard drive of their computer, only once licence is required.
  • At the other extreme if it is stored on a computer network and made available to everybody in an organisation, the same number of licences as potential users will be required.

In reality the number will be somewhere in between. In our experience the use of MindManager is confined to small teams rather than across whole organisations so we would expect the use of our maps to have a similar user base. If "it's complicated" then please get in touch to discuss.

We are keen as you to promote the use of MindManager and other visual information mapping techniques within your organisation and firmly believe our maps are "the killer app" that will help achieve this.

We appreciate that the total cost of site licenses for an organisation may be beyond that payable by a credit / debit card transaction. In such cases it will be possible to invoice organisations but we will have to have received full payment before the download link will be sent to the customer.Again pPlease contact us to discuss this.

Customers are reminded that price discounts for multiple user licences for Business and Education / Charity use and a further 10% unit price Discounts for Education / Charity users.


i) However many licenses are selected, only one download link will be sent.

ii) It is the responsibility of the customer to correctly identify and purchase the right number of users for licensing & payment purposes. They should retain the invoice email as proof of purchase of sufficient licenses to cover the use being made of the map in their organisation.

iii) It is possible to invoice customers for purchases over £200 however we must have been in receipt of the full payment before the download link will be sent to the customer.This option is only available to registered users.

iv) Even if maps are free (ie. zero price) the correct number of licenses must still be selected. "Free" does not mean "free to do with whatever you want"



3. Using Our Maps


3.1 Brace Yourself

If you are a regular MindManager user you will quickly realise that our maps are not your usual, run-of-the-mill sort of maps. Often they are big. Not necessarily in terms of file size but in the number of branches. The biggest map we have created so far has over 17000 branches! (yes you read that right, seventeen thousand).  Why? Well...

  • because we can (and our system is up to the job)
  • we like to push the envelope as much as we can

Thus you need to check that your system can handle things first before you start downloading. If it struggles with normal maps it may have problems. Note the exact number of branches in a map is always listed in the Details tab of the Product Description page as is the file size so large maps shouldn't take you by surprise.



3.2 As Soom As You Download The Maps

There are 2 things to do when first working with one of our knowledge maps - make a copy, then make it work for you! :-

  • Make a copy of the downloaded file before you do anything else and keep the original file somewhere safe (we suggest adding the suffix "_ORIGINAL" to the end of the archived file name). Start work with the copy and adapt it to your needs as required, leaving the original to come back to as a starting point for future projects.
  • Make it work for you! Too much detail for your current purpose? Get rid of the extra branches! Not enough detail for your current purpose? Add the required branches from other maps. Don't like the colour scheme etc? Change the topic formatting. Wikipedia links not sufficiently detailed? Become a Wikipedia contributor and update the entry yourself, thus benefiting everybody, not just the users of your map. You get the picture?

See the About Our Maps section for more tips to get the most from our maps.



3.3 General  Uses

We do not regard ourselves as publishers of primary information but rather of digital maps that point users in the right direction to "discover" the information for themselves. Thus our maps serve 3 primary purposes:-

  • Online Navigation / Research Tool - be it for business, education or personal use. User can quickly use it to navigate their way around the Web to a trusted information source without all that time wasted in wading through search engine results.
  • Definitive Index List - the same information that aids navigation is also the definitive list of all such things as far as is known.
  • Information Recording Tool / Digital Scrapbook - once users have found what they need they can copy relevant information from the source into their map as new branches or branch notes, or just add further hyperlinks to the specific page. Thus users can create their own detailed, bespoke map much more rapidly by building on top of our basic framework than they could do if they started completely from scratch.

Again see the About Our Maps section for more hints & tips to get the most from our maps.


3.4 Copyright Restrictions On Uses

As we said already we are keen as you to promote the use of MindManager and other visual information mapping techniques within your organisation and firmly believe our maps are "the killer app" that will help achieve this. However we are a small company and making our maps is how we make a living, so much as we would like to give them all away for free with unrestricted use, we have to place some restrictions on the use of our maps. Here's the relevant bit from our Terms & Conditions:-


4. What This License Allows Licensees To Do

4.1 Users may:-

  • place maps on their local computer network.
  • copy maps any number of times, in whole or in part.
  • incorporate maps, in whole or in part, into other knowledge maps and applications.

Provided that:-

  • It is for personal use by the license holder if they are a private individual.
  • It is for the internal use of the licensee organisation.

Note the organisation must own the correct number of licenses for all the users who have access to the maps (see 7.2 & 7.3).


4.2 Users must contact Knowledge Mappers Ltd. in writing for permission to use the Maps for any other purpose. Permission, if granted, will involve additional copyright royalties set by Knowledge Mappers Ltd. and be dependant on the proposed activity.



5. What This License Does Not Allow Licensees To Do

5.1 All knowledge maps, 'original' and 'derived' may not be lent, rented, subleased, redistributed, repackaged, incorporated into other applications, resold, or otherwise transferred in whole or in part, without the express written permission of Knowledge Mappers Ltd.


5.2 All knowledge maps, 'original' and 'derived', must not be stored in such a way that any of the activities listed above in 5.1 can be carried by non-licencees, or a greater number of users than the licensee has purchased licenses for. Examples of such non-permitted behaviour include:-

  • placing maps on an "always publicly accessible" file sharing website such as
  • placing maps on a collaborative, online map sharing platform such as and making them available to all other users. Availability must be restricted to known collaborators who must be made aware of the licensing restrictions. 
  • placing maps on a local / wide are computer network in such a way that they can be accessed by a greater number of users than the licensee has purchased licenses for.


5.3 The exception to 5.1 and 5.2 are knowledge maps, 'original' and 'derived', in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format ('Adobe Acrobat / PDF Maps'). These may be shared with non-licensees as they cannot be "reverse engineered" to recreate the map in it's original mindmapping software file format, however:-

  • in the case of 'original maps' the original Knowledge Mappers copyright acknowledgement statement must not have been removed from the map.
  • in the case of 'derived maps' the following copyright statement must be included
    "Map based in whole or in part on material originally published and licensed by Knowledge Mappers Ltd. ( Restrictions apply."