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Welcome to Knowledge Mappers

Knowledge Mappers is a unique, global, digital mapping, consultancy & publishing company with expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Data Portals and Corel (Mindjet) MindManager. Our ground-breaking knowledge / information / data products & services 'visually connect' people with what they need to know, so that they can identify what they need to do, and get it done, quicker, easier and with a lot less stress. This means that individuals, teams, organisations & communities can achieve more with the resources they have, thus maximising their effectiveness in making their own bit of the world a better place, which benefits us all :-)


What We Do "In A Nutshell"

Our skillset lies in the creation of digital information maps & visual knowledge framework resources on just about any subject, that help individuals, teams, organisations & communities:-

  • more efficiently discover, capture, understand, organise, manage, retrieve, share and act on the information they need to know, in order to get done what they need to do, and make the world a better place.

  • make connections and gain business-intelligence insights they didn't have before.

  • avoid "information overload".

  • save time and money and increase their return-on-investment.

  • generally get a lot more done with a lot less stress... :-).


We do this by:-

  • creating digital knowledge maps from public domain information sources and making them available to everybody on our online mapstore.

  • creating bespoke digital knowledge map resources for clients so that they can do what they do better.

  • providing consultancy and training in GIS and MindManager - our 2 main software tools - to help people do it for themselves.

  • working in as agile a way as we can.



Browse all 5777 topics in the HTML5 version of the map below.

Note -'Click and drag' or use scrollbars to pan around the map, and the slider/buttons in the bottom right to zoom in/out, auto zoom to fit the whole map into the frame in its curently expanded state, focus and completely expand a selected topic, center the map on a selected topic, and search the map for a specified text string. Hyperlinks will open in a new browser tab
The HTML map export feature in MindManager 2018 is still not fully developed, so some HTML5 maps may differ slightly from the original MindManager (.mmap) file. Also HTML5 maps are not supported on all platforms in all browsers.
(Click here to see the map as a full webpage)



Geographic Information Mapping

GI Consultancy & Value Added Services

We have over 25 years expertise in geographic information mapping consultancy using GIS software tools like ESRI, MapInfo,& QGIS, and map-enabled, online information portal tools like Google Maps, Earth & Charts.

Find out more abour our GI Consultancy & Value Added Services.


School Travel Health Check Spatial Analysis Service

Our School Travel Health Check spatial analysis service is an example of a GI consultancy project for one local authority that soon "grew arms and legs" to become a ground-breaking nationally available service. The STHC provides local authorities, school communities and other stakeholders interested in how children travel to school and how far they travel to get there, with quality spatial intelligence data via an online portal. This enables them to quantify and visualise the actual school travel situation down to individual school level, which helps them to better target thier limited behaviour-change resources to achieve modeshift to more active and sustainable modes of travel on the "school run".

Find out more in our STHC section, our jump straight to our dedicated STHC website or demonstration STHC Data Portal.



Information ("Mind") Mapping With Mindjet MindManager

MindManager Consultancy & Value Added Services


Our "traditional" mapping skills are complemented by over 15 years expertise with Mindjet MindManager, the worlds best information ("mind") mapping software. Its awsome flexibility and productivity-boosting features make it the "digital tool of first resort" for anybody who works with digital information (ie. just about everybody!).

We are part of the official Mindjet International Value Added Partner (MIVAP) Network, which helps to support the 2 million+ MindManager users worldwide - including over half of the Global 2000 and Fortune 500 Corporations – with integrated services providing bespoke map content, training, development and consultancy as well as "off-the-shelf" knowledge framework maps to download from our online store.

Find out more in our MindManager Consultancy & Value Added Services section. We also have a comprehensive MindManager Resources Section where you can find out about the versions, benefits, features, and applications of MindManager, official online websites, the many available add-ins created by MIVAP members, and also try-buy-upgrade the latest version (MindManager 2018) .


Business Information Mapping Services

MindManager software was created specifically as a business information mapping tool. It can expedite every-day business processes and projects in a lean, efficient and agile way on its own, and in integration with your standard office tools,

Find out more on our Business Information Mapping Services section.


Meeting Mapping Services

Digital information mapping is the ideal tool to plan, organise and facilitate meetings, workshops and events of all sorts. as the map can be developed to deliver each stage of the meeting process.

Find out more in our Meeting Mapping Services section.



Bringing It All Together

Public Domain Information Mapping

As part of our ongoing mission to "connect people with the information they need to know using maps (of all sorts)", we create knowledge framework maps of public domain information using Mindjet MindManager. We then make them available on our online mapstore for the benefit of all.

Find out more on our Public Domain Information Mapping Services section.



Community Mapping

Our twin digital skill-sets of knowledge working with geographic and information ("mind") maps is a very powerful combination for organising and facilitating community mapping sessions. Our bespoke mapping resources will maximise participation, greatly improve the quality of the collective decision making and agreed outcomes, and help take the group action to the next stage.

Find out more on our Community Mapping Services section.


Public Sector Mapping

Our unique information mapping skillset and experience (we all have been government workers at some point), makes us the ideal choice for working with public sector organisations.

We are on several public sector supplier frameworks. We are part of the UK Government Digital Outcomes & Specialists Framework (DOS2), making us the only supplier out of the 2700+ on the UK Public Sector Digital Marketplace offering our unique combination of geographic and business information mapping skills and expertise (read our blog post here). We will also shortly be part of the Scottish Government Digital Suppliers Dynamic Purchasing System, and are in the process of joining the Scottish Local Government Improvement Services Associates Framework.

Will continue to create our map-enabled online information portals for UK public sector clients (such as this one for our School Travel Health Check spatial analysis service for schools and local authorities), as we have done since 2005. However we are also keen to help the knowledge workers of the UK public sector realise the benefits of making Mindjet MindManager their “digital tool of first resort”, for example for all aspects & phases of their agile / digital transformation projects (just one of the many applications of MindManager).



Note: As we are a United Kingdom based company we price the resources on this e-store in Pounds Sterling (GBP) and this will be the currency in which payments are made. Prices are also shown in US dollars (USD) but this is an approximation based on an exchange rate of 1 GBP = 1.36879 USD / 1 USD = 0.730547 GBP (as quoted on on the 01st May 2018). For comparison the Euro rate is 1 GBP = 1.13712 EUR / 1 EUR = 0.879417 GBP. The actual price international customers are charged by their bank will depend on the exchange rate at the time of the transaction and the payment method used.